A downloadable another rage game for Windows

welcome to bloody guy!

this its just a little prototype to another game with the same character but with more things and a diferent title but i like to share this prototype that i make like in 2 days yeah maybe there will be some glitches but they will be fixed(maybe

if this its detected as a virus dont worry its not a virus if it was a virus my laptop will be dead in like a moth ago but dont worry its just another rage game like others 

this its my first game i hope you enjoy it


bloody guy.exe 2 MB

Development log


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It was a fun experience and if you remove some of the bugs in your game, it would be pretty fun, i liked it!

for a first game this is pretty good and simple and i like that

but there are a couple of bugs like if you wall of the side of the stage you will fall for ever and the spike hit boxes are kinda wonky and you should add instructions how to play

but other ways this was nice and i hope to see more from you (:

Deleted 2 years ago